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Meeshooz™ Lab

Needle felting is a technique that consists of making felt from wool using barbed needles.
By repeatedly "stabbing" the wool with the needle, the wool fibers of the outer layer entangle with the inner layers. Once tangled and compressed, the felted figure becomes strong and compact. Finer details can be achieved with thinner needles, hard work, time and a lot of patience! 

My thinking process starts from a glance. I close my eyes and imagine a creature looking at me... and when I feel it, I can then imagine the rest of the creature.

Then, I make some sketches, just to make sure I have captured the character, pose and style of the creature (just like taking a picture to remember something), and finally begin with the needle felting.

With custom-made Meeshooz™, it's the same process, for the result is a combination of my ability and passion to capture the soul and character of  a living being, and my interpretative capacity as a character artist.

More to come...

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