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My name is Galia Schnadower, I’m an artist and a product designer.
As a product designer I designed many useful products - from plastics to furniture and household products, with much experience in graphic and interior design.
In 2014 I discovered the needle-felting technique, and started making handmade, needle-felted creatures I called Meeshooz™, which brought a new dimension to my life.

A few facts about myself:

1. I live in LA, but have lived in Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Florence, London and Eindhoven.

2. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawing, sculpting, sketching, painting… Creating is my true passion and art.

3. I studied Product Design in Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem, graduating with honors and have been working in this field ever since.
You can visit my product design website here.

4. I believe Veganism can change the world.

5. My biggest dream is to never stop creating and dreaming.

6. I am an open and sensible person, so please feel free to contact me.